Do Room Color's Really Matter?

Most of us have had that client with the orange and black sports room, or the children’s room in purple. If you’re lucky, the client will understand when you mention painting them to neutral colors. However, we know that doesn’t always happen.

I remember one client who really wanted a “Move In” ready home in a trendy area of Nashville. It was our first day going out and we had just a few homes on our list. When she went into the first house they still had the original wood paneling on the walls, but otherwise the home was in good shape. At the end of the tour I asked her, “Okay, what do you think of this home?” “It needs so much work!” she said looking rather disheartened at the wood paneled walls, but this had been one of the more affordable homes on our list that day. So off we went to look at other homes. Eventually she found a home online that she loved the pictures of. I couldn’t help but notice that it had wood paneling and was priced above her budget. Only this house’s wood paneling had been painted a nice farmhouse white. She bought that home with a very solid offer, because she just loved it and saw herself living there. She never even mentioned the wood paneling…

As we wrote up the contract I couldn’t help but wonder how much more money the sellers of the original home could have gotten if they had just paid a few hundred dollars to have their walls painted white. Yet time and time again, you see homes that have not been painted. When I have that listing client that refuses to paint their walls, I tell them this story. Then I add up what it costs each month for them to remain in their home. The client that paints their home sells it faster, and in the Nashville area a move in ready home can be under contract and sold within a month. But a home that needs that extra work can take two or three months to sell.

Paint colors matter and they matter a lot! Buyers like to envision themselves living in the home before they buy. They like to imagine their pictures hanging on the walls and their furniture fitting into the rooms. That’s much harder for them to do when the room is painted Red Sox red and they are a Yankees fan. Remember to remind your clients about the overhead they pay to keep the home each month compared to the cost of painting. Have a list of affordable quality painters and give them an idea of the colors that are being used in new construction homes. This will allow your clients to sell quickly and for the best price possible.

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