Real Estate in a Recession

I started my career in real estate in the middle of the recession. While everyone was jumping ship and running for the doors, I was signing up.

I graduated with my degree in elementary education and moved back home like most 20-somethings to find my first job. I applied to all the surrounding schools but was only offered a position as a substitute teacher. Eventually my mother offered me a position working as her assistant market center administrator for Keller Williams. I loved the job, my mother and I made a great team, the work was rewarding, and it had steady hours. So I stopped looking for teaching positions, and relaxed into the belief that I could stay at the job for years. Then the recession hit full swing, and my own mother laid me off…

Now a lot of people come to real estate with bravery, leaving their jobs in hopes of finding and building a better life for themselves. But mine is not that story, I simply jumped to the nearest life boat I could see, and became a Realtor. It took me two weeks to get licensed, and in one of the worst times in real estate history, I started selling real estate.

I’m not a particularly outgoing person and prefer a small group of friends. So when it came time to get that first client I was at a loss, Most of my friends were still living at home unemployed or under employed. But with the support from my fellow agents, I got rolling. I used several internet tools, and played to my strengths and by the end of my first year I had replaced the income I had lost. I have made more money every year since I started, and 2014 is looking like it will be my biggest year by a landslide.

I like so many people was not prepared for the recession, and even as it was all around me, I thought that I could ride it out in my comfortable job. But the bad times have turned into a blessing for me. I have grown into my own as a Realtor. Do I work weekends and some nights? Yes, but overall my life is a flexible one with lots of time spent with my young son. And most importantly, my success as a real estate agent is directly related to the work I put in. Every minute equals career success.

During the recession many agents left the real estate world, warning me to run as I started career. But I would not change my decision for the world! (Oh and I am no longer one of those 20-something bumming off their parents!)

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