Don’t Forget to Know Your Clients Interests and Needs!

Over the course of my real estate career I have found that the most important thing to do with both buyers and sellers leads is to stop talking and start listening. Your clients need to know that you really care that they find the right home for their family and you can only do this if you learn their needs and interests.

Once I had a client that was relocating from out of state who only had one weekend to find the right home. So over the weeks leading up to the weekend I had searched and searched to find homes that I thought matched the client’s desires on paper. The first day I showed them house after house with only mild interest. At the end of the day I went home somewhat bewildered. I felt I had found them the best of the best, homes that where upgraded with all the latest and greatest features but they just weren’t all that interested. So that night I went home and pulled homes that were larger, but older because I thought maybe this would get them on the right track…. The next day we walked through house after house only this time it was even worse, now they didn’t like the age of the homes. So midway through the day I said I am not going to show you the rest of these homes since they are even older than the others we have seen. But I saw a sign down the road for some new construction that we can go look at, let’s just go over there.

Reflecting on this trip I could have saved us all a lot of time and trouble if I had just listened to my clients and really understood what was driving their decision. They had stopped and taken pictures of the front of every home, they had mentioned the different styles especially the “Winston Churchill” style which at the time was the trend in most new construction. What I hadn’t realized what how much they disliked the style, they were polite and didn’t mention this to me off hand. I should have picked up on their clues, they were plain as day. However, I was too busy trying to charm them that I failed to do my job.

The new construction homes that we need up had a more beach front style and they immediately fell in love. I thought that I was showing the best because it was the best to me… not the best for them. Learning to stop and listen gets easier over time as you become less and less nervous upon meeting new clients. Now I really try to get to know my clients because I really do care that they find the perfect house in their eyes. When you perfect this you will find that you get referred to friends and even invited to things like their wedding!

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