Realtor's serve a purpose... and it's not Googling

I am not a born salesman, and I don’t profess to be, so there are days when this job just hurts. So one way that I get business is from the internet, which leads me to a very mixed bag of potential clients. One type in particular is the buyer who hates Realtors. I have been told that I serve no purpose, add no value, am overpriced… and the list goes on and on by this particular breed of buyer. It’s easy to say just brush it off and move on, but it’s harder to do. And what do you do after you have just been handed this delightful addition to your day?

The other day I called a client that had logged on to my site asked for information from me which I willingly obliged to. Then when I called him back to see what he thought of the additional homes I had sent over he went into a slew of the above-mentioned comments and added… it’s not like I can’t google them, and I have access to the MLS. I should have started rattling off my objection scripts. But instead I choose just to let this one go, as a realtor I am an independent contract giving ever right not to work with rude clients. I simply told the man that I provided him a list of homes that were available, and that whoever had told him he could get a $400,000 house for $300,000 in a booming real estate market was wrong and/or lying to try and get him under contract. But that I wished him luck on his home search. Then I hung up the phone.

That being said here are some tips to work through a situation like this professionally. Practice some scripts for dealing with this type of objection as you will hear it, and as people shop for home online more and more every day it will only get worse. Some examples of scripts for clients like this would be something like this “you understand that they are looking for a great deal and that you have the knowledge and experience to negotiate a good deal with them.” If they are looking for a great foreclosure deal that you told them didn’t exist say something like this “even banks will not sell houses for significantly less than are worth in a booming market because they are in the business of making money and they have a whole team of realtor working for them so they know exactly what they are and are not willing to sell it for. Homeowners however might sell for less than the value to avoid a variety of situations, such as they got relocated and need to move quickly.”

If you have run through your whole list of scripts and they still do not feel you offer enough value to pay a commission to explain that you will not negotiate your commission with them because only in the absence of value does price become a determining factor and while they might not see the value you bring to the table you can and will work with other client who do, and you will not give those loyal and understand clients a worse rate than anyone else because you understand your own value. This will take most people by surprise. Then simply tell them that you hope to work with them in a the future and that you will be here to help them if they decide to use you.

After that you have done all that you can do, just remember to stick to your guns. Most buyers are wonderful, and they will be happy if you put their interest first and work hard to find and negotiate a fair deal for them. Enjoy those clients and know that the people who choice not to work with a realtor at first might very well change their mind when they see how difficult the process is without one and how satisfied your other buyers are.

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