"Can I make money?"

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I often get calls off the website from people wanting to join the office as a new real estate agents. We will chat, go over all the details of getting a license and joining the office. Then I will say do you have any questions for me. Nine times out of ten the first question will be: "What kind of money will I make? Can I make money? How much does the average agent make?" of some version of this. We all work to make a profit, so this is a perfectly understandable questions. Unfortunately even after being asked over and over this is still not an easy question to answer.

But here is what I can say on the subject:

I joined the office as an agent around 4 years ago now, and have had my fair share of ups and downs. Even with all of that I have replaced the money I made working my office job each year, even my first year. I have more flexibility in my schedule, and I enjoy my work. With my experience and the experience the over 200 agents at my office I can say easily yes you can make money selling real estate. Becoming a Realtor can be a highly successful career if you approach your business in a purposeful and in a thought out manner. Keep in mind that all business require a business plan, discipline to implement the plan and hard work. Also business take time to grow and develop. Starting a career in real estate requires all of these things. At Keller Williams you will receive training in how to write a business plan, and how to implement to create a successful business for yourself. I suggest reading the Millionaire Real Estate Agent. I personally love real estate because I get out of it what I put into it, and with that determine how much money I make for the year.

As to hard numbers there aren't any! Why? Because each agent is an independent contractor’s, their business plan and work effort determine their success, not the number of years they have been on the job. Some agents work part time, some only need to make a small amount to feel successful. Then there are many agents that want to make over $100,000 and do each year.

If you’re very serious about becoming an agent and want more details I would be happy to tell you over the phone what I make each year as an individual agent.

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