Growth Through Training

We all work with the hopes of making a profit, and our work improves through training. Keller Williams calls itself a training and consulting business. They say that they are not in the business of real estate but instead are in the business of training individuals on how to create and manage their real estate businesses. This training creates an environment of sharing and abundance among the agents. It also creates a firm that agents will never need or want to leave.

This training is why I love being a Realtor at Keller Williams. When I started at Keller Williams, I had little to no business training. I had never balanced a P and L or written a business plan. I did not know how to manage my bank accounts for business, or how to create a drip campaigns. As I took the leap of faith that I could survive in the business world and in owning my own business, Keller Williams took my hand and taught me how to be successful. Classes like “Ignite” taught me how to set up my real estate business and how to build a client base, and “Running your Business Like a Business” taught me to make projections and plan for the future. All this training has lead me to grow a strong and vibrant business, and this year I increased my sales by 360%!

Why is this important to someone who is just now considering getting into the business? Because right now you don’t know, what you don’t know. Here at Keller Williams you will not have to try and re-invent the wheel, we will give you the wheels and you will drive the car. Just this week I will be heading to Florida for a whole week of intense business training for all aspects of my business. I will absorb all I can there and come back here to teach my fellow agents that could not make it to class.

If you are interested in coming to a training class, even if you are not ready to take the leap of real estate just yet, let me know! We would love to have you come and see the kind of training we offer to our agents daily!


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