The Expansion Model - How the Industry Has Changed

Keller Williams expansion model has taken the industry by storm. Great real estate teams now have a platform to take their systems and models into new areas even new states with the support of KW international.

Gary Keller explains the Three main reason why a team would use the expansion model:

1. To increase profits;

2. To expand the vision for your business so you can attract and retain more and higher quality talent;

3. And to deepen your bench.

As entrepreneurs we are all in this business with the hopes of creating jobs and wealth building opportunities for ourselves and others. Expansion will allow teams to share the skills they have developed over time with agents starting out. They provide the support and structure for that agent while increasing their own base and profits.

What’s the path to Mega Agent Expansion?

"First you expand in your city, which has the convenience of the same MLS. Next you expand into a different city in the same state, which probably means a new MLS. Next you expand into a different state, which means not only a different MLS but probably different licensing requirements.

Addressing owner/brokers, operating principals and team leaders in the audience, Keller encouraged them to seize, rather than resist Mega Agent Expansion. “This is already happening,” he said. “The mega agent is already validated and they’re going to recruit agents to your office. I’d get on the phone and call top producers in your area and ask if they want to expand into your market center. Imagine if you have 20, 30 or 40 expansion teams operating out of your market center? If you have 100 expansion teams earning $100,000, that’s $10 million a year.”" - (KW International)

Are you wanting to build a business that can expand nationally? Are you ready to learn about Keller Williams? Contact me or visit

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