Lifelong Love: Tips to Make My Home Romance Last

Lifelong Love: Tips to Make My Home Romance Last

It feels as though you’ve waited a lifetime for this moment. As you stare over the dining room table at the picture-perfect sight before you, you can’t help but reflect on the day you found one another. The immediate second visit because you couldn’t stay away. First mentions to family and friends, who knew instantly you were smitten. Then came vows, signatures and the exchange of keys.

It can sneak up slowly or strike at first sight – the love connection between you and your new home.

At Movement Mortgage, we love helping homebuyers like you get the home you’ve fallen for. We also want you to keep the love alive for years to come. So, we took cues from our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions, hoping to inspire you with ideas to keep the flame burning.

Bring Home Flowers

Who said you or your significant other are the only flower lovers in your life? Your home could use the occasional fresh bouquet, too. A pretty hanging basket or well-placed shrub goes a long way in preserving the curb appeal you see every day. A local greenhouse can help you choose plants that will be easy for you to maintain and enhance your home’s appearance.

Embrace Ambiance

Just like a dinner lit by candle light is instantaneously more romantic, the lighting in your home can make or break how you feel about your surroundings. Learn where light switches and dimmers are, which settings you prefer and where a few extra pendants or wall sconces may enhance the whole room. Changing out light bulbs for the wattage you prefer is a quick, easy way to improve the atmosphere. Also consider bringing in an expert from a local lighting store to help you learn a few tricks of the trade.

Group Date

When you like the people living near you, you’re more likely to love and appreciate your home and its location. Cultivate friendships with your neighbors by participating in community events, frequenting the pool or tennis courts, or inviting a few over for a game night. Knowing and enjoying the people you live near is a great way to increase the love you have for your home.

Celebrate Anniversaries

Every year that passes is filled with milestones and memories you and your family made while living at your home. Your house is probably even decorated with the crafts, photos and growth charts collected through it all. Make move-in anniversaries a special occasion by doing something fun at home as a family, taking time to look back through mementos and appreciating the place you called home through it all.

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